David Knight - 7th July 2011

As with previous videos like Nova, Swedish electro-popsters The Sound Of Arrows – Stefan Storm and Oskar Gullstrand – have conceived the video for M.A.G.I.C. themselves, and this one exemplifies their taste for epic fantasy. Gullstrand co-directed this with Andreas Öhman, who directed acclaimed Swedish movie (and Academy Award best foreign language film contender) Simple Simon, in an unashamedly feelgood story of two children left in a world deserted by adults, who then encounter magical Wild Things Are-style creatures. Shot in Spain, in countryside two hours from Madrid, Oskar Gullstrand explains that it is meant to be “childlike and youthful, and true to the song. When we were thinking about the video, Stefan and I first came up for about 200 ideas for a feature film. This is meant to be the trailer for that film.” The Sound Of Arrows M.A.G.I.C. (Geffen) Director: Andreas Öhman & Oskar Gullstrand Prod co: Naive AB & The Look Films Producer: Victor Martin DoP: Johan Holmquist Art direction: Gerardo Izquierdo Editing: Frederika Andersson, Andreas Öhman & Oskar Gullstrand Illustration: Linus Kullman & Carl-Johan Listherby Animation: Jonas Lindman Compositing: David Nalci http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zE2hEaMpKQI


Production CompanyNaive AB & The Look Films
ProducerVictor Martin
Director of PhotographyJohan Holmquist
CompositorDavid Nalci

David Knight - 7th July 2011

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