Jimmy Brown - 21st June 2011

Alex Clare gets progressively immersed in water - representing 'the emotions of a break-up' - in Sam Pilling's dramatic promo for new single Treading Water.

"This was an extremely ambitious idea from the start, but thankfully everyone at Pulse was really supportive, and got behind the concept - helping to work out the best way we could make it work," says Sam. "This led to veteran VFX guru Bob Hollow jumping on board and proceeding to made a battered old Jaguar look like a very small, raining swimming pool (or a very large fish tank) in a matter of days!

"We shot the video on the bottom floor of the Wembley car park, which is just as well as over 8 tonnes of water was released from the car each time we tried to drown Alex. And thankfully we didn't quite succeed in that. He managed to bang out great performances through the brutal weather conditions and remained smiling throughout! It was an absolute pleasure working with him.

"Special thanks to Bob Hollow for creating an (almost) water-tight Jag, and to Jo-Jo Ellison for pulling the whole thing together. But really a massive thanks go out to everyone involved for all powering through and working under a tight budget and timescale to get the job done. Very much appreciated!"

PRO Credits


DirectorSam Pilling
Production CompanyPulse Films
Production ManagerEmma Copeland
Director of PhotographyM
Focus PullerBarny Crocker
GafferEwan Cassidy
Art DirectorBryony Bradford
StylistPerrie Reynolds
RunnerPaul Storrie, Anouska Wise , Alex Genn
PostProduction Co
ColouristDenny Cooper @ Rushes
GirlGabriella Montaraz

Jimmy Brown - 21st June 2011

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