David Knight - 20th June 2011

A mysterious hero (who's possibly had a head-on collision with a small bird) takes a slow stroll across the Scandinavian tundra to the banging techno of Owl Vision's Deathstar.
PUNX Stockholm duo David Strindberg and Johan Bring braved difficult conditions to make it happen. "The video was shot outside Stockholm in knee-high snow in -25 degrees," David explains. "Our feet were cold, very cold. But our stylist had it worse with his fashionable low shoes and thin fancy pants. A couple of whiskeys later, back in the studio, our feet came to life again."

And the PUNX guys recently joined Claw Films for music video representation in the UK.


DirectorDavid Strindberg & Johan Bring
Production CompanyPUNX STHLM
ProducerDavid and Johan
StylistMax Eriksson

David Knight - 20th June 2011

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