David Knight - 14th June 2011

Welcome to 'Tom Vek's Island', courtesy of Ollie Evans. It's a little music-cum-interview TV show on nice old cameras - and Tom's guests are a band who's singer with more than a passing resemblance to Debbie Harry, circa 1979, as styled by Andy Warhol...

"This video was to be Tom's first musical appearance in five years, so we wanted to do something that reintroduced him in a new guise and went some way to alluding to what he had been up to during his absence in a wry manner," Ollie explains.

"Tom and I are both huge fans of counter culture television (something I've explored the themes of in my side project, theknockingshop.tv) and in this instance we wanted to do something that paid homage to Glenn O'Brien's TV Party from The Factory-era late seventies New York. Using this as a starting point we decided upon 'Tom Vek's Island', with Tom playing host to imaginary band fronted by a Debbie Harry lookalike.

"We chose to use a POV device to create an immersive feeling, to put you inside the video and explore the sentiment of the track first hand."

Watch 'Tom Vek's A Chore by Ollie Evans' here

PRO Credits


DirectorOllie Evans
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Director of PhotographyMarcus Domleo
Art DirectorMonica Black
ColouristJack McGinity

David Knight - 14th June 2011

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