David Knight - 19th May 2011

Photographer and documentary filmmaker Alex Grazioli does a fine job with a macro lens and movie-style titles for the new promo for Robert Miles' first single from his new album, Th1rt3en. - appropriately enough for a song called Miniature.

"Robert was looking for something abstract and unusual," explains Alex, who is represented by Mrs Grey in the UK. "One of my passions is movie title design and like many others I've been inspired by the work of Kyle Cooper, probably the most influential title designer working today. His work for the movie Se7en was outstanding and I felt that "Miniature World" would have been the perfect chance to go in that direction, though our idea was more ethereal and surreal - almost being in space or underwater - rather than dark and creepy.

"I was already working with macro lenses for an upcoming photo exhibition, so we went ahead and shot hi-speed macro stuff using loads of earthy and natural elements. This was combined with hi-speed circular track close up shots of Robert and laid over with actual lyrics from the song. Robert and I we're both pleased with the result and planning a full album as a unique audio visual experience for next year."

Watch 'Robert Miles’ Miniature by Alex Grazioli' here


DirectorAlex Grazioli

David Knight - 19th May 2011

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