David Knight - 22nd Apr 2011

Lost Weekend is a catchy number which features that a rare beast in modern rock, the totally banging extended guitar solo, and Alex shot the video in a place in Williamsburg, supplemented by a bunch of strangely behaving barflies - and a unicorn.

"There's a tale behind this one," she says. "I remember hearing that in Joseph Kahn's vid for the Katy Perry single Hot N Cold, he apparently waived his fee so they could throw in the zebra at the end. I saw the video and loved it, but thought, wow, I'm sorry, but any chick (and most gay men) would know that if you're going zebra, you really should take the extra step and go full _____. So, even though our budget was less than the catering fee on a Katy Perry vid, we went the extra step. Wait for it... it happens around 3.05."


DirectorAlex de Campi
Director of PhotographyChase Bowman
Director's RepresentationLaure Scott

David Knight - 22nd Apr 2011

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