David Knight - 21st Apr 2011

Olly Murs shows further signs of being the TV talent show contestant who's comfortable with experimenting with his pop star image in Corin Hardy's video for Busy.

Corin gives Olly the potentially troublesome role of a guy who doesn't go out and get a girlfriend - he makes her out of papier-mâché. He starts getting his share of funny looks from the neighbours - but its actually rather sweet. And Olly has the last laugh.

Corin Hardy on making the video for Olly Murs' Busy

"For the fourth single they wanted to place Olly in a different position to the glossier X-Factor videos he'd had previously," says Corin. "I enjoyed the challenge of thinking of a way of doing a sweet and colourful piece to suit Busy while also bending the rules of your usual pop star video.

"I'd seen the brilliant Lars & The Real Girl as well as being a massive fan of American indie films (Wes Anderson's, etc...). I thought it would suit the tone of the video to mimic that strongly composed visual style mixed with quirky humour and emotion often found in these movies, and also to give Olly his own starring role. I thought it was best if Olly actually created his 'perfect girl' by his own arty hands and it wasn't long before he was playing around with newspaper and wallpaper paste, really getting into character!

"We shot over two intense days, keeping an intimate crew - twenty of us all packed in the same room. Olly really embraced the spirit of what we were going for and kept his energy up throughout to pull of the eccentric role in which he had to genuinely fall in love with a life-size papier-mache girl."

Watch 'Olly Murs’ Busy by Corin Hardy' here


DirectorCorin Hardy
ProducerLiz Kessler
Director of PhotographyEd Wild
EditorNick Allix @ White House
ColouristMark Horrobin @ smoke and mirrors
StylistEmma Savill
CommissionerSemera Khan

David Knight - 21st Apr 2011

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