Jimmy Brown - 8th Apr 2011

Terry Scruby's simple yet clever and effective split-screen promo for vocal harmony group The Overtones is a lesson in observation.

"The idea was to make a promo that encourages repeat viewing, with the audience noticing new details each time" explains Scruby. "Having each band member occupy their own narrative slice allowed multiple stories to go on at once, but with key moments coming together or crossing over.

"Each action and camera move was meticulously planned prior to shooting, though the ability and awareness all five cameramen was crucial in being able to piece the slices together in post. Each camera followed the action of a separate band member in one single take. In moments when the slices come together, the cameras needed to occupy the same space so the camera ops worked really hard on getting the cameras as close together as possible before then drifting off again.

"All the rushes were stabilised, then underwent a process of hand animating the position and rotation to centre the band member in frame. Then a secondary level of animation was applied to align the slices to form a complete image".


DirectorTerry Scru
Production CompanyFish Nor Fowl
Director of PhotographyRamy Elgamal

Jimmy Brown - 8th Apr 2011

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