David Knight - 5th Apr 2011

Seoul-based directed team Neil Dowling and Nils Clauss were one of the winners of Royksopp's recent music video competition for the Senior album, with their wonderful video for Senior Living.

Their new one was also for a music video competition, organized by !K7 Records, for Wolf + Lamb's Lonely C. This time they have left the big city for the Korean countryside, and used non-professional actors to create another love story. A rather controversial one, in fact, which may explain why they didn't win. It is indeed a strange work - an arresting combination of reality and complete unreality.

"The video shoot took place on a small farm in Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea in February 2011," explain Neil and Nils. "The storyline was conceived in response to the song lyrics which tell of an unrequited love or a longing that can't be satisfied or consummated. We came up with the concept of a brother and sister who are twins who have grown up lived and worked together on their parents' small farm. They are confused and disturbed by the fact that their closeness has developed into a kind of sexual longing that they know they must hide away deep inside."


DirectorNeil Dowling
Production CompanyCONTENTed FILMS
DirectorNils Clauss

David Knight - 5th Apr 2011

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