David Knight - 4th Apr 2011

With the help of programmer/digital artist Ivan Saffrin, Tim captures Amanda's performance by adapting the motion capture camera technology of the Microsoft Kinect.

Almost entirely focused around her head and shoulders this is a visual experiment in which a lot of manipulated Kinect-acquired data is projected back with the performance itself. It results in some memorable imagery - and the last part, she literally cuts away layers of her skin courtesy of additional visual effects, is not for the squeamish.


PRO Credits


DirectorTimothy Saccenti
Production CompanyTimothy Saccenti
ProducerBrian Graf
EditorMichael Wadsworth
Director of PhotographyTimothy Saccenti
ColouristDamien Van Der Cruyssen
ChoreographerDustin Senovic
Focus PullerN
GafferFrej Hedenberg
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Director of PhotographyBrian Graf

David Knight - 4th Apr 2011

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