David Knight - 31st Mar 2011

Here comes a corker. Etienne De Crecy’s No Brain is a massive unapologetic slab of thumping retro-electro, and Fleur & Manu’s video is awesome exercise in appropriately head-frying psychedelic CGI – with a surprising and equally nutty live action ending.

Etienne has been using the cube as a central feature of his scenography since 2007, and Fleur & Manu used that geometric shape as their inspiration and starting point (and quite possibly Nobody Beats The Drum’s Grindin’). But then they’ve gone completely bananas.

This was made in full 3D using Maya animation software at admirable Paris post house Mathematic – and it will soon be available in stereoscopic 3D. Which is very exciting – but to be honest, this is mind-meltingly brilliant anyway.

PRO Credits


DirectorFleur & Manu
Production CompanyDivision
Post ProducerMathematic

David Knight - 31st Mar 2011

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