David Knight - 10th Mar 2011

People used to forge masterpieces - and Dougal Wilson's vid for Benni Benassi's Satisfaction happens to be a masterpiece of Noughties dance vids. So now here's Raf Reyntjes lovingly-crafted recreation of the video - with an important difference.

This time round, the girls are a bit older. Which makes it very funny - or hard to watch, depending on how you feel about seventy year old ladies wielding power tools whilst wearing hot pants.

Its all for a perfectly good cause, thankfully: Equal PayDay. In fact, it's a stonking way of highlighting the important issue of inequitable gender wage differentials. In Belgium.



ProducerRuben Goots
Production CompanyRabbit Content
Director's RepresentationMortier Brigade

David Knight - 10th Mar 2011

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