David Knight - 9th Mar 2011

Winter is nearly over (hopefully). It was long and it was cold - and now you can remember it always, thanks to Ariel Kleiman's wonderful short, Summertimes. It's an object lesson in executing a very simple idea to perfection. And turned around pretty damn quickly too.

But then Ariel is the real deal. He only graduated from the Victoria School of Arts last summer; his second year film was shown at Sundance in 2010, where it picked up an honourable mention, and his graduation film Deeper Than Yesterday (set on a submarine) received the Grand Jury Prize in International Filmmaking at Sundance in January. His first feature is in development through Warp - and he's with Partizan for commercials and vids.

Watch 'Summertimes by Ariel Kleiman' here

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CastEdward Housden
Director's RepresentationPartizan Darkroom

David Knight - 9th Mar 2011

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