David Knight - 7th Mar 2011

In the video for illustrator and musician Keaton Henson's fragile lament Charon, a puppet character slides towards a final release by his own hand - not the happiest of subjects, in all honesty, but invested with wonder and no little creativity - as you'd expect from David Wilson, working here with John Malcolm Moore and Keaton Henson himself.

Having worked with Keaton on the promo for the Japanese Popstars' Let Go, David was invited to join Keaton and John to help to develop a concept the pair had conceived for Charon. Keaton's work as a designer and illustrator was the jumping-off point for the film, the style and tone evolving from his dual creative impulses in music and art. "We wanted to reflect the darkness of the album and give the songs a face without a video of me feeling sorry for myself, so it felt right to have a puppet as representation of me instead."

So the brilliant puppetmaster Jonny Sabbagh created the heartbroken character who ends up ending it all in a variety of ways, the filming taking place over two days, with a very cold Richmond Park providing the exterior woodland shots and interiors captured in a rather colourful hotel in central London.

"Jonny did a fantastic job," says David. "I spent an intensive afternoon working on the performance with John, who assumed puppetry duties on the shoot. We managed to construct a journey that the puppet would go through in his mind over the course of the track, so that every expression was the result of his internal thought process rather than a response to the lyrics - just like how actors work."

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Wilson
ProducerDavid Wilson
Production AssistantBe
Director of PhotographyBrian Fawcett
Camera operatorDavid Agha
RunnerJimmy P
EditorNikki Porter
Sound designJoe Henson
DirectorJohn Malcolm Moore
DirectorKeaton Henson

David Knight - 7th Mar 2011

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