David Knight - 2nd Feb 2011

This gobsmacking video for Crookers' collaboration with Tim Burgess was held up for ages due to all sorts of legal whatnots - but now Seb Caudron's lurid masterwork finally has an official release.

Prepare to be gobsmacked - it's kinky, cruel, gross, and quite wonderful. Poor, virtually unrecognisable Tim goes through all kinds of indignities at the hands of a bunch of gorgeous-yet-deadly females - although you sense he's thoroughly enjoying himself.

It's a world combining richly atmospheric live action judiciously enhanced with visual effects. Seb, the French visual effects master who's worked on movies like The City Of Lost Children and La Vie En Rose as well as directing several videos, says, "It's very low budget but it was a very exciting project - and very frustrating to have in a box for almost a year. The band loves the video so it's time to show it to the world."


DirectorSeb Caudron
Production CompanyParanoid US

David Knight - 2nd Feb 2011

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