David Knight - 27th Jan 2011

This one is going to upset a few people, especially coming a few weeks after the Tuscon shootings. Actually it was always going to upset them, because Steve Glashier's video by South Central's Day I Die crashes through a moral minefield by enacting a massacre from the viewpoint of the sniper - through the weapons' gunsight-crosshairs, no less.

Not so different to a Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto-type game of course - only it's definitively not animated. And the fact that the viewer becomes the shooter is actually quite chilling - and instructive. Watch this and even the pinkest anti-Palin liberal may find a way to understand why those gun-toting Republicans really want to keep their guns. Its got nothing to do with the Constitution. Shooting things is better than sex!

And South Central walk through the whole thing, in Columbine-esque fashion. It's quite something. Over to you Steve...

Steve Glashier on making the video for South Central's Day I Die

"It's about dying on different levels - both physically and metaphysically. We were also inspired by South Central's album title which was in turn taken from Debord's theory of the 'Society of the Spectacle'. We wanted to create a video which on different levels was a spectacle in itself. We leave it to the audience to evaluate their own emotional response to the 'spectacle before your eyes' - it might be awe, disgust, amusement, shock etc. All these things and more. I guess we are attempting to spark up and activate within the audience some emotion, in an era where violent games such as Call of Duty, Manhunt and GTA are the biggest grossing forms of entertainment.

"Of course it could be that through desensitization the spectacle is much reduced and you are left unmoved. Hence why you see South Central walk through the whole scene unaffected by the carnage which is happening immediately around them. They are completely oblivious, in the same way that people in our mass media driven society are oblivious to the violence they consume regularly via entertainment. As a result are they more likely to be divorced from the real violence being reported by the media from trouble spots and war zones around the world

"Put simply South Central appear almost like grim reapers, drifting desensitised through a violent reality propagated by a mass media we all partake of daily, of course in the spectacle you see in 'Day I Die' it is actually you looking through the gun sight, the question is are you, at the same time are you pulling the trigger "

Watch 'South Central’s Day I Die by Steve Glashier' here


DirectorSteve Glashier
Production CompanyNTSH London
Post ProducerMike Prior
Director of PhotographyThomas
ColouristMike Prior

David Knight - 27th Jan 2011

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