David Knight - 21st Jan 2011

There's more than initially meets the eye in this stylish video for electronic pop outfit Mirrors' Into The Heart. But deception is all part of the graphic armoury of the directing team known as Us - that's Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor, who directed the excellent videos last year for Ninja artist Dels - Trumplump, in particular, certainly has that quality. With this, Christopher and Luke use darkness to challenge perceptions - and they explore their concept within the confines of a pop performance video.

"The concept for the promo was based on the discovery of the unexpected in darkness," the pair confirm. "The video came down to two things really: the art department and the location. We wanted all the props to look as real as possible, and like they existed in their environment. We oversaw the production of the props and were so pleased with how they turned out. We have to give a huge thanks to Fred Rigby, who put up with our attention to minor details.

"The location was really important as we wanted it to be unexpected. We looked at infinity walls, etc., but we felt that we needed somewhere with more character, so that when you do see the location you really are rewarded by the contrast."


ProducerLiz Kessler
CommissionerJohn Hassay
Director of PhotographyMarcus Domleo
Art DirectorFred Rig
EditorJames Norris @ Whitehouse
CommissionerCJ Hassay

David Knight - 21st Jan 2011

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