David Knight - 31st Dec 2010

We all know that pop and rock stars should leave the making of their videos to the professionals. But then there's OK Go.

They had already earned their position in the pantheon a few years back by pretty much kickstarting the phenomenon of the viral music video with A Million Ways, followed by Here It Goes Again, the first proper YouTube video (and still the most favourited video on YouTube ever).

But in late 2009 and throughout 2010 came an outpouring of creativity to support their album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky that confirmed them as extraordinarily dedicated exponents of music video art: the video for WTF late last year was followed by two videos for This Too Must Pass - one of which voted Video Of The Year at the UK Music Video Awards - and then by the videos for End Love and White Knuckles (and to just to wrap things up, an animated video for Last Leaf).

Whether it's the Rube Goldberg Machine in This Too Must Pass II (22 million views YouTube), or the dog choreography in White Knuckles, or even the goose in End Love, these works are going to be marveled over for years to come. So although there were several contenders for this utterly spurious end-of-year honour, OK Go have to be Promo News's Heroes of 2010.

So here is the sum of their glorious achievements again - with a few words from OK Go's lead singer Damien Kulash...

Damien Kulash: "I think we go about making our videos in much the same way we go about making songs, which is you try to figure out systems whereby the addition of a whole bunch of discrete elements generates something vastly bigger, and different and more emotional.

"With music it's a known formula. You put bass and drums and guitar together, and most of the time you wind up with bass and drums and guitar. But every once on a while you add them together and you get joy, or lust, or melancholy, or some wonderful 16-dimensional thing you can't put your finger on. It just scratches that itch inside your brain.

"Making videos that do the same thing for us has been looking for systems where these little additive pieces make something special. We figure out a system which seems like it shouldn't work, but everyone has a part and what comes out of it hopefully is just a kick in the gut. With dogs, or the Rube Goldberg Machine, there is this thrill where you can't explain why...."

This Too Must Pass (I): "This came about because someone sent us a YouTube clip of the Notre Dame marching band doing a big stage presentation Here It Goes Again. We spend a lot of our time when making videos just seeing how we can round up the resources to do something really absurd, and when someone suddenly sends you something where an army of 400 people are already playing one of your songs its, like... gimme!

This Too Must Pass (II): "At two in the morning the Machine hadn't functioned all the way through. So that was tense, but it was also so much fun that I never felt bad about that. I guess I have weirder dreams than other people but it was such a dream come true to have a warehouse full of toys and engineers who are all up for it. We didn't pay those people even a fraction of what they should have been paid for their time.

End Love: "By the time we had choreographed that video we were pretty certain that the goose would be there, because we were choreographing in the park and she followed us around all week. Because the shoot took 21 hours we couldn't do a million takes. With the first take she was there the entire time, but with the second we'd done eight hours of shooting and she hadn't shown up. We're like 'oh my god the goose is not going to be here." And as soon as it got dark she paddled out of the water, and was like: 'I'm back!'

White Knuckles: "The very first time we discussed the idea of this was actually during rehearsals to perform the treadmill routine at the MTV Awards. The first two days of shooting numbered takes got us into the 90s, I guess. - and we hit it on take 72. We sort of know before they come out which ones are going to be are going to have 65 year old knitting circles going like 'look at that' versus the ones that are like a rock video, or the ones that are going to appeal to the nerdy film set."

David Knight - 31st Dec 2010

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