Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2010

For the past 12 months Pulse Films' directing duo FRED&NICK have been filming and editing a feature length behind-the-scenes documentary on the reunion of Take That with Robbie Williams, and the creation of the resulting album, Progress.

Shot in New York, LA and London, and with unrestricted and highly privileged access to the band and the recording studio, Look Back, Don't Stare charts the story of one of the most eagerly anticipated reunions in British pop history. Graded in black and white, the film is a candid observation on the process of friendship and forgiveness, as well as a new look at the band's 20 year history, as they turn to face their past collectively, on their own terms.

Take That
Look Back, Don't Stare - Documentary (Polydor)
Filmed and Directed by: FRED&NICK
Producers: Dan Bowen, Thomas Benski
Editors: Ben Stark & Tim Woolcott
Motion Graphics: Allison Moore
Production Manager: Rebecca Sykes
Post Production: TVC Soho, The Farm, Prime Focus
Colourist: Sonny Sheridan, Graeme Hayes
Online Editors: Ronnie Newman, Kristina Theodorou
Commissioner: Artist's management


ProducerDan Bowen, Thomas Benski
Production ManagerRebecca Sykes
Post ProducerPrime Focus
ColouristSonny Sheridan, Graeme Hayes
CommissionerArtist's management
Post ProducerTvc Soho

Jimmy Brown - 12th Nov 2010

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