David Knight - 4th Nov 2010

Katy Perry's third video from Teenage Dream is also a mega-tie in with a huge Euro-brand.

Through a personal call to action by Katy in August, her fans were asked to share their special 'spark' for a chance to participate in the making of the official video for Firework.
This recruitment campaign ran online through dedicated 'Katy's Project' websites (www.katysproject.com) and other social media initiatives. Participating Deutsche Telekom (aka T-Mobile) markets included Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The campaign generated more than 38,000 entries, and 250 winning fans were awarded the opportunity to participate in the video. Throughout the campaign thousands of fans posted messages and comments on fan pages while generating an organic following for the campaign. Voting was a significant part of deciding the final participants and Katy herself chose some of the winners for special roles in the video.

The journey of participants from all eight markets was filmed along with their involvement in the video shoot itself, which took place over 4 days in Budapest. The content is now being rolled out in both brand and product ads - along with a 3-minute documentary.

Commissioned by Saatchis in London, DARYL at Pulse directed the documentary and additional footage of Katy's sparky fans as part of Saatchis' Life's For Sharing T-Mobile campaign.

The video itself - with its uplifting message celebrating individuality magician skills and sparklers inevitably bursting from Katy's boobs - was directed over four days in Budapest by Dave Meyers.

Just in time for Bonfire Night...


Art DirectorJulian Andrews
Production CompanyRadical Media
DirectorDave Meyers
Director of PhotographyDaniel Trapp
EditorChris Davis
PostProduction Company
Executive ProducerJennifer He
CommissionerDanny Lockwood

David Knight - 4th Nov 2010

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