David Knight - 27th Oct 2010

Riz MC (aka actor Riz Ahmed) introduces his debut album MICroscope - to be released in early 2011 - with this atmospheric thriller for Get On It directed by Sam Pilling which develops the album's backstory of government-sponsored mind-control through sonic waves.

Made on a slight budget, Sam racks up the psychological tension via Riz's acting skills, and includes a driving sequence shot in the Blackwall Tunnel for good measure.

Sam Pilling on making the video for Riz MC's Get On It

"I felt the track lent itself to the idea of a chase and really wanted to create a strong sense of narrative throughout. The shoot itself was a lot of fun, shot in one (very full) day we began in Peckham for the carpark section before driving across to the west of London to our hotel location.

"After this we had to drive all the way back East through bank-holiday Monday traffic to the Blackwall Tunnel. Driving a three-car convoy through the Tunnel with no radio reception and cameras set up with tripods and bungy rope was simply great fun!

"We finished the day by returning to the West-London hotel room to film most of the sync scenes. Huge props have to go out to Riz who aside from being a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with all day, had the energy of a 6-year old as he nailed the final sections of sync with incredible passion - rattling through the track time after time - hurling himself around the hotel's bathroom and hallway long past the midnight hour.

Despite wrapping so late, everyone really pulled through and worked like complete troopers. We shot the video for a mere £2K and many of the people involved worked for long hours with little pay so thank you to all. Massive thanks also to Jo-Jo Ellison for really bringing the whole thing together and for generally being a producer extraordinaire!"

PRO Credits


DirectorSam Pilling
SteadicamJamie McIntyre
Art DirectorEmma Weaver
EditorSam Pilling
ColouristColin Peters
Post ProducerChris Chalmers @ Farm Group
CommissionerCaroline Reason @ Cre
RunnerAnastasia Afonina
Production CompanyPulse Films

David Knight - 27th Oct 2010

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