David Knight - 22nd Oct 2010

A music video-cum-ad from Kim Gehrig that revives Jona Lewie's new wave cult hit, and will undoubtedly sell lots of IKEA kitchens too.

Like the Pro Green/Doritos tie-in, this uses technology with YouTube reliability to enhance the viewer experience. In the full version you roll your mouse over the props and it tells you what they are. Click on it and you go to another page showing the product and cost (then return to where you were in the vid).

Crucially, this genuinely works as both an ad and a video. Shot in Romania over two days, to complete the task of completing both three minute and 60 second versions, Gregg Shoulder's superb set design was all shot in-camera by Florian Hoffmeister.

Loads of fun. Jona Lewie's in the video and ad too, looking very cheerful. Well you would be wouldn't you

60" ad:

PRO Credits


DirectorKim Gehrig
Production CompanyAcademy Films
ProducerLaura Hegarty
Director of PhotographyFlorian Hoffmeister
Art DirectorGregg Shoulder
Director's RepresentationMother

David Knight - 22nd Oct 2010

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