David Knight - 21st Oct 2010

It was all done for real. The production went to Germany to find the creature with the best possible combination of tusk size and docility, and they found one big mother, called Mala.

Surely Lissie was always on the verge of being torn to shreds by a sharp wedge of ivory... Not so, according to producer Dom Thomas. "Mala was just super chilled and only really wanted to eat, which was a bit of a nightmare when your nearly every location was leaves and grass," says Dom.

"We had a really stripped crew and it was lots of work, but lots of fun. Daniel [Takács, the DoP] did a great job, all with sticks and handheld, and no lights whatsoever. And Lissie was an absolute trooper and really enjoyed it. I think she liked being covered in elephant slobber."

Well, maybe. You may still feel the need to shout: 'Look out behind you!'

Watch 'Lissie’s Everywhere I Go by Marcus Söderlund' here


DirectorMarcus Söderlund
ProducerDom Thomas
Line ProducerRoland Albrecht
Director of PhotographyDaniel Takács
EditorMarcus Söderlund
ColouristSimone Grattarola
FlameLeo Weston
CommissionerDan Millar

David Knight - 21st Oct 2010

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