David Knight - 20th Oct 2010

After excellent work for The Lovely Sparrows, Fictionist and other lowish-fi animations, Eric Power has a viral smash on his hands with his latest video for Jeremy Messersmith, due to the fact that he's compressed the entire original Star Wars trilogy into about two and a half minutes of 2D paper animation.

Which saves you from having to sit through Jedi again. But, to be honest, this is achieved with such loving care, it will probably make you love the Wars even more. If that's possible.

Eric Power on making the video for Jeremy Messersmith's Tatooine

"I first came across Jeremy Messersmith's music early this spring when he hit me up to direct a video for his song Organ Donor. I noticed the track Tatooine up on his page and knew I would have to do something for that in the future. I approached him with the paper cut out idea and he said 'Do It!'.

"Jeremy and I are both big fans of the original Star Wars trilogy, so it was a great pleasure to be able to jump back into my childhood for a while and craft some fun little cutouts, which of course I promptly zoomed around the room making laser sounds. One of the highlights for me was blowing up the Death Star.

"I created all the cutouts myself and it took me about a month and a half to finish the whole thing. I found it funny when a week before I wrapped production, George Lucas announced his plans to re-release his films in 3D, seeing as how my version is pretty much as 2-D as it comes."


DirectorEric Power

David Knight - 20th Oct 2010

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