David Knight - 19th Oct 2010

Edouard Salier's video for Massive Attack's Splitting The Atom, from the band's latest album Heligoland, is one of the most remarkable achievements of the past year - an almost inconceivably detailed journey through a freeze-frame of sheer urban chaos, created by a monstrous white creature.

And now, for Massive Attack's new Atlas Air EP - released in aid of War Child - he has revealed the back-story to that moment, with a video that's just as remarkable as its predecessor. Once again, an extraordinary vision is matched by brain-frazzling execution.
The videos are related, but where Splitting was smooth exposition, Atlas Air is a different story - its hyper-kinetic, focused on the symbolic, shape-shifting, death-bringing beast, rampaging through an increasingly recognizable landscape.

"I decided to make a prequel to the Splitting The Atom clip, whilst leaving interpretation to the viewer to a certain extent but mixed with the real sense of the song and the text of Robert Del Naja," explains Edouard. "The song is about rendition so that was certainly an inspiration."

The Atlas Air video was premiered on the onedotzero website this week, while Splitting The Atom will be featured as part of the wavelength programme at onedotzero's five day festival at the BFI Southbank from November 10 - 14.

Massive Attack
Atlas Air (Virgin/EMI)
Directed by Edouard Salier?
Produced by: Edouard Salier, Svana Gisla and David Danesi?
Production Company: Black Dog Films and Digital District Paris?
CGI: Jean Lamoureux, Emilie Caudroit, Rémi Gamiette, Kevin Monthureux, ?Jimmy Cavé, Romuald Caudroit and Thomas Marquet.?
2D: David Sapyyapy, Lou Menais, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka.?
Art & Compositing: Julien Michel, Xavier Reye and Damien Martin.?
Commissioner: Svana Gisla for Virgin Records/EMI Music
Watch: Quicktime?? movie Watch: on onedotzero

Watch 'Massive Attack’s Atlas Air by Edouard Salier' here


Production CompanyBlack Dog Films and Digital District Paris?
3D AnimatorJean Lamoureux, Emilie Caudroit, Rémi Gamiette, Kevin Monthureux, ?Jimmy Cavé, Romuald Caudroit and Thomas Marquet.?
2D AnimatorDavid Sapyyapy, Lou Menais, Vladimir Mavounia
CommissionerSvana Gisla for Virgin Records/EMI Music

David Knight - 19th Oct 2010

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