David Knight - 5th Oct 2010

David is renowned for his live action animation, but here he concentrates on free-flowing stream-of-consciousness illustrations to create a psychedelic mindwarp - with the help of an animation legend.

Created over an intensive 20 days by an animation wonder-team including illustrator Keaton Henson and a ten-strong crew of animators, Wilson also managed to track down animation legend Malcolm Draper - a key animator on iconic films such as Yellow Submarine, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Where the Wind Blows, and The Smurfs. David lured Malcolm out of retirement to create the lusciously animated lipsync.

The result is mesmeric - so just click play, tune in and trip out.

PRO Credits


DirectorDavid Wilson
ProducerTamsin Glasson
Production ManagerSerena Noorani
CommissionerVirgin EMI
CommissionerNicola Brown

David Knight - 5th Oct 2010

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