David Knight - 24th Sept 2010

Excellent macro photography of general household items combined with micro-projections of the band and archive footage, for London band The High Wire by Michael Humphrey.

Michael directed the impressive slo-mo reaction video for Polar Rapid's 1995 back in his native New Zealand, but he's now based in London. "The band wanted to incorporate some pre-recorded footage into the promo so I pitched the idea of shooting some projected images against a backdrop of small objects - a sort of 'macro world'. We modified a projector to project an image size just a little bit bigger than your thumbnail, then projected the archival footage and performance onto a whole bunch of little objects - chalk, trophies, a toaster - to name a few. This was then filmed using macro lenses to get in very very close to the objects.

"We inter-cut this footage with some lovely macro shots of various bits and pieces without projections, sourced from food stores, the Dalston street markets and £1 stores. Using all manner of objects such as shower gels, dried seeds, effervescent vitamin tablets, food dye and glass objects, we built up shots that lost a sense of tangibility - I love the fact that nothing was created in post but it's often very hard to tell what you are looking at. We used extension tubes for these shots - sometimes the front glass element was literally millimetres away from what we were shooting."


DirectorMichael Humphrey
Director of PhotographyBen Jones
CommissionerPaul Devaney

David Knight - 24th Sept 2010

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