Jimmy Brown - 13th Sept 2010

Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize 2010 for his album Becoming A Jackal, Villagers (aka Conor O'Brien) enlists Marco Sandeman for the promo to That Day.

"After seeing Xavier Chassaing's amazing short film 'Scintillation', I was particularly struck by a small sequence where shimmering lights curl across a ceiling" explains Sandeman.

"I thought that the idea was only minimally touched upon in Chassaing's piece so I was keen to try to push it further. Villagers' song 'That Day' had a magical yet grounded feel which suited the idea of these lights lifting a scene from reality into an ethereal world.

"We shot 9 different locations in one day (thanks to a very mobile set-up and a nimble crew) and then spent 2 weeks weaving everything together in post".

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DirectorMarco Sandeman
ProducerDavid Beazley
Production CompanyRUN Productions
Director of PhotographyTobia Sempi
Focus PullerRob Wilton
Art DirectorGeorgina Bacchus
DITAlexis Odiowei
RunnerAnthony Hyman/Phillip Sandeman

Jimmy Brown - 13th Sept 2010

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