Jimmy Brown - 16th Aug 2010

For Gareth Emery's pulsing, dreamy club track Sanctuary, Bani Mendy delivers this tale of temptation setting the tone with a sinister high-living champagne and chess scene.

"With this video I was trying to create two very distinct worlds that would juxtapose one another and portray a version of 'good' and 'evil'" explains Mendy.

"The story shows a mans struggle against succumbing to the temptations in life and finding peace in the sanctuary of love and purity, represented by Lucy Saunders and her surroundings".


DirectorBani Mendy
Production CompanyShimmer Films
ProducerJazz Lintott
1st ADGeorge Burt
Director of PhotographyCarl Burke
StylistCharlie Jones
EditorMarek Budzinski

Jimmy Brown - 16th Aug 2010

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