Jimmy Brown - 30th July 2010

For DJ extraordinaire Grum's Through The Night, The General Assembly unveil this superb video which dares to tread in the footsteps of Sabotage, but then develops its very own interpretation of 'buddy love'.

"The General Assembly is a team of Southern gentlemen who traversed from Oklahoma and Texas to California in order to mine for gold in the realm of music videos," explain the collective, who have just signed to SkinFlicks for UK representation. "We continue to dig deeper and deeper, hoping to bring in that claim. We have a slight obsession with moustaches, and 70's and Early 80's cinema.

"We'd talked with Grum and the label about doing a homage to all the homoerotic undercurrents of the over-the-top machismo Bruckheimer/Bay-esque films of the 1980's. We watched a number of Starsky and Hutch YouTube mashups set to cheesy romantic ballads for inspiration (look into it) and set about creating these two characters. From there we cast these two actors, Derrick and Eric, we knew who are incredibly hilarious and have amazing chemistry together period.

"We gave Eric the worst mullet of all time, bleached his hair that lustrous shade of orange and manicured a couple of mustaches and took it from there. We shot it over a very full two days in Los Angeles. We cracked one of Eric's ribs in the first two hours of the first day, narrowly avoided being pulled over driving a Bronco with a police light and a car-full of fake guns and coke, greased-down a grouchy body-builder's chest and frightened numerous early-morning beachgoers.

"You probably can't do a cop-based music video without comparisons to Sabotage and we're certainly fans of that. We tried to do something very original from a similar starting point however and I think shortly into it's playing time it's starts to reap very different benefits, which is good.

"There is a good deal of hilarious outtakes and an excellent Behind The Scenes featurette which we're planning to roll out down the road as well. We like to think there's more mileage to be had out of these characters and are exploring options as to what else we can do with them down the road".

Watch 'Grum’s Through The Night by The General Assembly' here


DirectorThe General Assembly
Production CompanyTownhall
ProducerChad "Frenchie" Alburtis
Director of PhotographyCharles Son
Executive ProducerJeff Shupe and Andrew Travelstead
EditorJoseph Remerowski
Production designerJoshua Locy
StylistElise Velasco

Jimmy Brown - 30th July 2010

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