David Knight - 23rd July 2010

Original cartoon Mod Wincent Wespa braves pigeons, angry dogs, fuel leaks and flat tyres as he rides through rainy Sixties London - more blow-out than Blow Up - and even has time for a little psychedelic episode.
Wincent is the creation of Lee Bamsey and Steve Gurr, with music written and performed by Lee himself. Lee and Steve designed the buildings which Steve built in Cinema 4D to look like life-sized children's drawings pasted into a hand-made mini diorama complete with thread-spool fire hydrants and sewn-on button traffic lights. Then Lee and Steve used After Effects to animate each scene. Fun for all ages, and Wincent and his Vespa could be going places.


DirectorLee Bamsey and Steve Gurr

David Knight - 23rd July 2010

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