David Knight - 1st July 2010

Interactive video time - and a real wowzer from Robyn, that pushes all sorts of zeitgeist buttons: its 3D, with Twitter integration. Most importantly, it really works as a continually updating, ever-changing work that connects with the user in a very straightforward fashion.

You need 3D glasses for the full effect, but it's the tweeting which is the real ingenuity. Users add their tweets using the After Robyn's various complaints in new album Body Talk Pt 1's lead-off song Don't Fucking Tell Me What To Do ("my drinking/smoking/job/boss is killing me") are visualized, the real tweets by users who tweet what is killing them - using the #killingme Twitter hashtag - start streaming in the corner (and are credited to the user). With every view the URL regenerates, so it will never be the same experience twice for the viewer.

It can immediately be added to the growing canon (including Chris Milk's brilliant Johnny Cash Project and C-Mon and Kypsky's More Is Less) of the ongoing, crowdsourcing music video. And this one is so simple to use it's potentially seriously addictive.

Video: here

David Knight - 1st July 2010

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