David Knight - 21st June 2010

It's an ambitious and noteworthy work by 23 year old Ben, whose vision of totalitarian terror has evil computer chips dominating a hapless organic slave-race. But also impressive is the grand scale of the band performance, who are surrounded by projected images of the animated story.

"The main goal for this video was to create something that was epic and visually appealing to watch both photographically and in terms of the story, so then even if the viewer despised the music they would still be enticed by the video itself," Ben explains.

"Once the initial animated video was complete I shot the band in front of a cinema screen showing the video then projected that into 3D space and built a gigantic stage around them. The animation and stage were constructed entirely in After Effects and Photoshop."


Production CompanyGrape Productions

David Knight - 21st June 2010

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