Jimmy Brown - 7th May 2010

Eddie Sternberg: "What we aimed to do with our debut promo was to ensure that the end product looked cool, sleek and sexy in a way that didn't take itself too seriously. Both of us have been photographers since we were 15, specializing in figural and abstract forms. The opportunity to direct the promo for such a respected DJ arose and we went all out.

"We wanted to place our styles of photography within a mini story with an extremely simple concept. Boy fancies girl, he fantasizes about her covered in paint (the only other stimulus in his life at the time), boy gets aroused, girl notices him, has similar fantasy and the two come together for one moment of madness at the end.

"We aimed to find a balance of the comedic aspects of the narrative, and the stylization of the aesthetic. It doesn't take itself too seriously, we had fun making it and hope people have fun watching it too!"


DirectorDanny Wood/Eddie Sternberg
Director of PhotographyJack Wilding Newman
EditorDanny Wood
ColouristDanny Wood

Jimmy Brown - 7th May 2010

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