Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2010

The third and final part of Hey Negrita's quite extraordinary country-rock zombie trilogy has been completed by Pew36 Animation.

"For part three we needed to go dark. A zombie film is not a zombie film unless it ends on a bum-note. The biggest challenge for the team was retaining a genuine feel to the edit. We were aiming for the era of video 'nasties'; cheap video equipment was busy ruining the porn industry, but for the zombie genre this technological advancement meant film-makers could skip all the hassle of pre-planning and get straight down to throwing golden syrup onto hot chicks and running around the woods. "In order for our team to do justice to this film making approach we basically had to throw out everything a classically trained animator is trained to do. We didn't storyboard a single shot in Burn The Whole Place Down, we just had a list of set pieces and the animators just animated without knowing where the cameras would be. I would then stick a bunch of virtual cameras into the scene and render out low quality versions of every camera to edit. This produced a ton of wasted animation, but we reckon it was worth it, it would have taken a long time to storyboard something this visceral.
Originally we had intended for the zombies to be on fire, but we had our deadline shifted forward considerably so only had a week to produce all the content for 'Burn'. We had also created a version of the girl with a dry t-shirt for her to wear before she runs along the pier, but the wet t-shirt looked good enough and in keeping with sexploitation of the genre, we kept her moist throughout...if we had the time we would have thrown some digital jello at her too."

Part 1: One MississipiPart 2: Nine To Five

Watch 'Hey Negrita’s Burn The Whole Place Down by Adam Comiskey' here


DirectorAdam Comiskey
Production CompanyPew 36 Anim
CommissionerFelix Bechtolsheimer

Jimmy Brown - 4th May 2010

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