David Knight - 30th Apr 2010

The Good Natured is Sarah McIntosh, a precociously confident one for the future, with a way with a melody and introspective lyrics, and a haircut like Ian McCulloch's in 1981 (about ten years before she was born, presumably).

Lily Smith (usually working behind the scenes at Blimp) has given Sarah and her charming song Your Body Is A Machine a fine showcase, with not much more than simple lighting effects, and a creative dab of makeup.

Watch 'The Good Natured’s Your Body Is A Machine by Lily Smith' here


DirectorLily Smith
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
Director of PhotographyBrian Fawcett
Make-upClaire Williams and N
EditorVanessa Wood
CommissionerSB Management

David Knight - 30th Apr 2010

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