Jimmy Brown - 20th Apr 2010

To match the neurotic luscious electronica of Gyratory System's Yowser Yowser Yowser, Alex de Campi delivers a robotic, nightmare scenario with lots of CGI and post effects.

"We used lots and lots of robots" says de Campi, "Early reactions have been 'wow, like early Chris Cunningham!' and we've been like 'yeah, but Chris had more than a £400 budget'. Still, it was shot on a Red with primes..."


DirectorAlex de Campi
Director of PhotographyLance Kaplan
3D AnimatorAlex Piglowski & Nicholas Tourrel @ Grindhouse Digital
GafferTJ Alson
Focus PullerKris Opala

Jimmy Brown - 20th Apr 2010

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