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Pendulum’s Watercolour by Barney Steel & Michael Sharpe

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2010

"We had two and a half weeks from winning the pitch to delivery so it was all hands on deck, full steam to finish" explains Steel. "We shot the band along with a crowd of a hundred extras over a long day down at Three Mills studios in Bow.

"The key was to create a sense of extreme power and energy, so we brought in some massive wind and rain machines and pummelled everyone with as much stuff as we could. Further particles and debris we're then added in post to create a suitably apocalyptic scene.

"We also spent a day shooting practical effects such as water and speakers as well as details of our 'black planet'. In order to create our strange black liquid we used a substance called 'Ferro-Fluid' which is a liquid that becomes strongly polarised in the presence of a magnetic field.

"Our good friend Sebastian Hagemeister at Krafted built an incredible machine to control some very large electro-magnets so that we could have complete control over the shape and movements of the fluid.

"For our CGI scenes we got the chance to work with two of Europe's finest - Argentina's Esteban Diacono created our beautiful nebula space scenes whilst Murat Pak of Turkey was responsible for the construction of our menacing 'Black Planet'. The two elements were then composited together here in our London studios.

"Thanks also to Vid up at Family for his stirling editing work and to Ray and Tom for basically letting us camp out there for a week - very comfy sofas folks!"

Watch Behind The Scenes: here

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2010


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Director of Photography
Joe Dyer


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Family Editing


Thomas Ur


John Hassay
CJ Hassay


Barney Steel
Michael Sharpe

Jimmy Brown - 14th Apr 2010

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