David Knight - 8th Apr 2010

Toben Seymour's impressive literal/figurative visual translation of the lyrics of Norah Jones's Young Blood features over 200 shots - and apparently about a thousand more didn't make the final edit.

Toben posted Canon 5D-wielding DoPs in various cities to interpret and illustrate the song, and the result is a scattershot-combination of documentary and narrative vignette - with a lot of the characters cast spontaneously on location to illustrate a lyric.

Ironically, Norah also gives a dominant central performance in this (and is that video footage of her as a child). She's looking a lot less demure these days.

Toben Seymour on making the video for Norah Jones' Young Blood

"While making this video I couldn't help but be reminded of the database documentarian style of a film by Dziga Vertov, 'Man With a Movie Camera." I wanted to stick with the idea of Absolute Kinography, an 'absolute language of cinema,' where I used literal and figurative imagery to illustrate the lyrics in the song.

"This music video ended up capturing many different aspects of life: life, work, death, violence, etc... When I watch the completed video I like that it illustrates a lot of visuals that are happening all over the world every day.

"When Vertov was traveling around making his film the unobtrusiveness of filming was not yet true. Those large cameras from the early 1900s were large and loud but Vertov and his brother were able to successfully create a brilliantly objective view of life in the early 1930s. This video was shot using the Canon 5D, and for the most part the filming of this video was completely unsuspected - a covert scavenger hunt of real people illustrating these lyrics on a daily basis."

Watch 'Norah Jones’s Young Blood by Toben Seymour' here


DirectorToben Seymour
Production CompanyLittle Minx @ Black Dog Films
ProducerDanny Lockwood, TK Broderick, Toben Seymour
Director of PhotographyKailey Seymour, Abram Pineda
OfflineToben Seymour
OnlineSteele Studios
CommissionerDanny Lockwood

David Knight - 8th Apr 2010

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