Jimmy Brown - 7th Apr 2010

Endeavor's third video for US metal act The Devil Wears Prada comes hot on the heels of their promo for Owl City's Vanilla Sky.

Largely made from still photos, the band gave the team virtually carte blanche to do what they wanted. "This time around they came to us and told us what they didn't want" says producer Danny Yourd. "It's very abstract, no real meaning behind the visuals - although a lot of people are forming their own meanings. The actor is a friend of ours who was willing to shave every hair on his body to play the role and the female is part of a local circus group in Pittsburgh called the Zaney Umbrella Circus.

"It's always a great feeling to get to work with a band several times - we enjoy working with TDWP. The guys gave us a lot of freedom with this video, which we ran with. We're extremely excited to get to share this with all of their fans".


DirectorSteve Hoover
ProducerDanny Yourd
Production CompanyEndeavor Media
EditorSteve Hoover
3D AnimatorSam Hodges

Jimmy Brown - 7th Apr 2010

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