Jimmy Brown - 29th Mar 2010

As part of the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign, Corin Hardy directed this special promo for Paolo Nutini's Pencil Full Of Lead starring the singer and the Big Ghana Band. The Ghana musicians had previously recorded the song as part of the Big Swap Songs ad campaign for Cadbury.

Nutini was filmed in Glasgow and the band in Ghana. With both parties enjoying a game of football, a nice contrast between the two continents is highlighted - the deep snow of Scotland and the beautiful African sunshine...

Watch 'Paolo Nutini/Big Ghana Band’s Pencil Full Of Lead for Cadbury's Big Swap Songs by Corin Hardy ' here

PRO Credits


DirectorCorin Hardy
ProducerLiz Kessler
Production CompanyAcademy Films
Director of PhotographyStu Bentley
EditorNick Allix

Jimmy Brown - 29th Mar 2010

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