David Knight - 22nd Mar 2010

As with their previous Cate Le Bon video, the excellent Hollow Trees House Hounds, Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Raymond conjure up all kind of weird and wonder stuff - this time not so much animation- as equine-based - for Shoeing The Bones.

And it's even more idiosyncratic, mystical and even slightly controversial. What accounts for Cate's special bond with the horse (which includes being able to ride it without a saddle) Why does she daub her nose in gold paint And what exactly is that skull - and why is it covered in bacon Ewan mostly explains below.

What's clear is that Cate loves that horse. Another fine work from a distinctive hive of music video-making currently coming out of Cardiff.

Ewan Jones Morris on making the video for Cate Le Bon's Shoeing The Bones

"That is Cate's horse, Teifi, she's had him since he was a baby [I think that's probably 'foal' - ed]. The giant skull: it's a cosmic artefact that Cate sacrifices by returning to the celestial beings. Which triggers the change in Teifi. It's wrapped in bacon to protect it from the celestial beings who are almost all vegetarian. Or maybe just because every skull is originally wrapped in some kind of meat, or maybe because we had a job lot of bacon to hand.

"The gold nose is a reference to Tycho Brahe, an astronomer who lost his nose in a duel over astronomy, and wore a gold nose held on by glue. So Cate takes on the mantle of his nose to navigate the stars in the cosmic sequence at the end. "It started as being a story about the difficulties of love between an isolated farm girl and her horse and how that love turns sour because she has to care for him and clean him because he can't do anything for himself. As you can see that idea transformed (as does the horse) and now it can be read in very different ways.

"One of the biggest problems was trying to get a pissed-off horse to gallop while Cate had to try and steer with a giant skull under one hand."


DirectorCasey & Ewan

David Knight - 22nd Mar 2010

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