Jimmy Brown - 19th Mar 2010

His video for Jacob & The Angel is full of maverick charm - and it shows what can be done even if you don't happen to have a regular helicopter to hand.

Sam Walker on making the video for The Invisible's Jacob & The Angel

"The original idea was to have the camera attached to a balloon hovering over the actor like an angel, but after some tests we realised the wind would make this almost impossible," Sam explains. "In the end we used a very long pole with a small camera attached to the end, and then a remote control helicopter for the really high shots at the end.

"The plan was for it to start really close and intimate, then get higher and higher as we leave him. We hoped people would be watching and asking how we did it. It starts deliberately lo-fi and then hopefully goes beyond what you're expecting of it. I'm pleased that people don't immediately know how it was done."


DirectorSam Walker
Production CompanyEponymous Films
Director of PhotographyDan Bronks, M
EditorLeo Scott

Jimmy Brown - 19th Mar 2010

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