David Knight - 8th Mar 2010

Superbly-shot and moody showcase for the soulful stylings the Phenomenal Hand Clap Band by Stephen Agnew - with a shocking final twist.

Shot in upstate New York, Stephen - who has just signed to RedJam Productions - and DoP Sam Goldie have recreated that late Sixties bucolic Woodstock feel, with an added sense of the madness of the times - through the edit and the gory climax.

Stephen Agnew on making the video for The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band's Baby

"The band and myself had decided that visually we wanted to go with the retro feel of the song but counterpoint its softness with some quite dark visuals and a fast choppy edit. With this in hand, Sam Goldie and myself headed out to New York. We locked down a location at Paddy Boom's house in upstate New York and used that as a base to go and find locations.

"The whole thing was fairly run and gun but luckily the area kept throwing weird abandoned houses, creepy empty sheds and beautiful forests for us to shoot in. Sam really outdid himself on the shoot, capturing everything in all its gory glory.

"I have to give a big thank you to Adam Farley and Anthony Shurmer at Spring69 for doing such an excellent job on production on this side of the pond, and Sasha Vine for producing things in New York. Mary and Debs at Redjam for sorting out a grade and Aiden Farrell at the Farm for doing it. Finally a special thank you to Andy Soup for well pretty much everything."


DirectorStephen Agnew
Director of PhotographySam Goldie
Production CompanySpring 69 / RedJam Productions
Executive ProducerAndy Soup
EditorStephen Agnew

David Knight - 8th Mar 2010

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