Jimmy Brown - 26th Feb 2010

It's all done with toy soldiers and meticulously-created sets - and it's so impressive that suspension of disbelief is easy. That makes Harry's gripping (and tragic) tale all the more powerful. A great achievement that brings it home: war is exciting, brutalising, and sheer hell.

Harry Dwyer on making the video for Turin Brakes' Sea Change

"Blowing up a French town in the comfort of your own home seemed like an appealing way to spend the week. The 'art' of stop motion was something we had to get the hang of on the go. The DoP William Martin is primarily a stills photographer, and although both of us have experimented with stop motion this was a voyage of discovery. We used the Canon 7D with some stop motion software. "Despite the small budget I didn't want to compromise, and it's impressive to see the production value created by filming on such a small scale.

"Watching the edit back it's easy to forget exactly how small the men are. They're only about 6cm tall and the closeup camera picks up more than you can see with just your eyes so they feel bigger which is good since our set was pretty small."

Watch 'Turin Brakes’ Sea Change by Harry Dwyer' here


DirectorHarry Dwyer
Director of PhotographyWilliam Martin
ProducerJames Sorton
Production Company2am Films
CommissionerRob Collins

Jimmy Brown - 26th Feb 2010

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