David Knight - 29th Jan 2010

Brian Burton (aka Dangermouse) and James Mercer (of The Shins) find themselves On The Road, armed with torches, having strange, emblematic encounters in a dreamy, picaresque tale of confusion and despondency.

An excellent, mystifying intro to Mouse and Mercer's collaboration Broken Bells, directed by Muller, shot by Chivers, commissioned by Gent, and filmed on some kind of camera in Labec, California.

Watch 'Broken Bells’ The High Road by Sophie Muller' here


DirectorSophie Muller
Production CompanyOil Factory Inc
Director of PhotographySteve Chivers
EditorSophie Muller
OnlineSunset Edit
CommissionerDilly Gent

David Knight - 29th Jan 2010

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