David Knight - 17th Dec 2009

Johan Bring and David Strindberg, the Stockholm-based chaps behind the excellent Dance Steps have made a new video, and this time it's serious.

So, as the sound of Ascii.Disko's surging electro drills into your brain, peer into the Stygian gloom of degraded video and follow a rubber-suited lady so svelte and sexy she makes Catwoman look like Jo Brand. Only thing is, she has a strangely-shaped head...

An awesome banger of a vid that grabs you by the throat, messes with your head, and maybe even sticks a hand down your pants for good measure.

David Strindberg on making the video for Aski.Disko's Jawbreaker

"It's actually all CGI, except for the projection of the forest and beach. Our first thought was doing this video with live action, in one take. We found a place to shoot it, a girl to do the walking and so on. But a week before shooting we decided to do it all in 3D instead. We spent two months with it, including the 12 days and nights of rendering.

"What we liked about doing it all CGI was the ability to add things on the way. Like the monoliths coming down from the ceiling. That was something we came up with a month in to the making. That would have been a major thing to add to a six minute long live action footage, shot in a smoke-filled barn with projections and lights all over the place.

"The colourful distortions were meant to be 'real' as well - copying the video back and forth between two VHS-recorders. But, as the control-freaks we are, we wanted to get them exactly the way we imagined them... so they are also computer generated.

"We drove out to the sea to get the beach shots. What we didn't realize was that the road we had been driving on was private property, so on our way back a gate was closed and locked. We tried everything to get the gate open. Kicking it, digging it up. The only tools we had was a screwdriver and some tape. What would McGyver do

"It was starting to get really dark and cold so we called friends with proper tools, the police, the fire department, but no one wanted to help us. Started to feel like the Blair Witch Project or something, walking around in the dark forest knocking on doors of empty houses. Eventually after five freezing and pitch-black hours, just when we were about to give up and spend the night in the car, we were rescued by the land-owners son. We wanted so bad to give him a punch in the face for locking the gate in the first place, but at the same time we were so thankful of getting out, so all he got was a 'thanks'."


Production CompanyPUNX (Stockholm)

David Knight - 17th Dec 2009

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