David Knight - 25th Nov 2009

Post-apocalyptic fun from Bob Harlow with a group of mutated survivor-dancers keen to bust a move for Doctors Primary 1 and Riton - and share around that nice radiation sickness.

Bob and DoP Steve Annis round it off with a suitably off-colour, degraded video look.

Bob Harlow on making the video for Riton and Primary 1's Radiates

"Riton and Primary 1 were troopers to work with. Like most video shoots, nothing goes 100% to plan. Even so, receiving a phone call two days prior to the shoot and being told that Riton had broken both his arms at the weekend made us feel a little cursed from the offset. Not one arm, both arms. Poor bugger.

"So he turned up on the shoot drugged off his chops and all in all looking pretty ropey. Luckily he could just about move his right arm so we managed to get everything with him early on, then wheel him out for the stunt hands (provided by Primary 1) and stunt body (provided by Tim) to take over.
"The final scene was particularly grim for Joe (P1) as he had to hold his face in a pool of blood and puss over and over til we got the right take. I think they were genuine expressions of disgust on his face as he pulls his hands away. Apparently it smelt like vomit. Mmmm."


DirectorBob Harlow
ProducerRachel Dargavel
Director of PhotographySteve Annis
Art DirectorMonica Black
StylistBecky Brown
EditorBen Tub
ColouristLuke Morrison
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel
CommissionerClaire Stubbs

David Knight - 25th Nov 2009

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