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Mr Fogg’s Moving Parts by Scubaboy

David Knight - 11th Nov 2009

Simply rendered yet powerful animated promo for Mr Fogg by Bristol-based team Scubaboy (that's Jon Hardy and James Ward).

It manages to examine the cause and effect of human relations (a bit like the Crash that won an Oscar, but in four minutes) with a satisfying Escher-like twist.

James Ward on making the video for Mr Fogg's Moving Parts "We originally pitched the treatment as a live action piece. It became apparent early on that this wasn't going to be practical with the time and budget we had available, so we decided to re-work the concept as an animation.

"Enlisting the help of illustrator Gemma Randall we tried to tell the story in a really simple way by turning the characters into a series of still image sequences.

"In order to try and give enough emphasis to the unfolding circular narrative we set the characters in a visually sparse and unelaborate world and hoped the story would combine with the track do the rest."

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David Knight - 11th Nov 2009


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David Knight - 11th Nov 2009

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