David Knight - 27th Oct 2009

Here's (arguably) another first: the video for a soundtrack to a book - Eoin Colfer's sequel to Douglas Adams' classic Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy series, called And Another Thing.

Adam Comiskey at Pew36 has directed a magic sofa ride for a couple of gormless but lovable coach potatoes - induced by their petunia-topped pizza. They embark on a space odyssey through a parallel universe complete with bizarre creepy crawly televisions, robotic miniature mice commandeering spaceships, elaborate pacman style labyrinths, a ride past an oversized whale's endoskeleton and much much more.

Most enjoyable, so watch it - then go buy the book.

Adam Comiskey on making the video for The Blizzards' And Another Thing

"At PEW36, we usually have this sliding scale concerning projects; with one end having with short production schedules and simple content, then right at the other end would be the long production schedules and complex content. What was great about this project is that the team had to throw that away and work with something which had to be built from scratch and delivered in two weeks, but be jam-packed with what seemed like an endless amount of random elements.

"This was incredibly liberating in many respects because we very quickly had to identify what the underlying theme should be, come up with a narrative string which complimented the song, and then dress it with these elements.

"We wanted everything to seem like a laugh, just two dudes hanging out, enjoying each others company and making the most of the world. Despite the obvious pitfalls of representing any kind of drug use in a positive light, it was important that it felt innocent and this was partly the philosophy behind making the aesthetic and the characters look like miniature toys.

"This look really worked well throughout, but we did have one problem; the springboard for the whole video was the petunia topped pizza, and what surprised us the most was what a complex task it would be to make a pizza which looked tasty in this miniature plastic world. Of course the elements weren't random at all in the context of paying homage to the 'Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy', but it was certainly a challenge to get them all in there for the 3 minute timeline.

"One of the biggest thrills for me was having an excuse to spend the first few nights lounging in the bath tub re-reading the original book. The fact that the Blizzards song is such a good track to work with, was an added bonus and was the big fat cherry on top of the happy cake."

Watch 'The Blizzards’ And Another Thing by Pew36' here


Production CompanyFlynn Productions/ Pew36 Anim
DirectorAdam Comiskey

David Knight - 27th Oct 2009

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